Sleeve Gastrectomy

What is sleeve gastrectomy?

Sleeve gastrectomy also known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy is a system of weight reduction surgery that includes modifying the measure of your stomach so you’ll feel more full speedier, and eat less sustenance. This obesity surgery in Delhi will require emotional changes to your day by day dietary patterns and is suggested for patients who meet certain weight and wellbeing criteria. The surgery is a lasting change to your stomach, which implies you should painstakingly consider your alternatives before experiencing this surgical choice.

Laparoscopic surgeon in Delhi perform laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy by expelling roughly 75-80 percent of the stomach. Your specialist will play out the vertical sleeve gastrectomy while you’re under general anesthesia. This implies you’ll be sleeping and free of agony amid the surgery. More often than not, the surgery is done in a way that is insignificantly obtrusive. This implies your specialist will utilize little entry points to embed slender surgical apparatuses and a modest camera to see inside your stomach.


Your specialist will utilize these devices to evacuate a part of your stomach. They leave the rest of the stomach as a tubular pocket that looks like a banana. Staples will be connected to join together the rest of the stomach bits.

The sleeve gastrectomy is a moderately new methodology however has picked up ubiquity on account of its low intricacy rate and great weight reduction results.

How does sleeve gastrectomy work?

The sleeve gastrectomy helps in weight reduction for various reasons, including:

  • The new stomach pocket holds impressively not exactly the typical stomach and decreases the measure of nourishment you can eat in one sitting serenely. The nourishment additionally moves quicker in the new stomach pocket.
  • There is a huge impact on gut hormones that help you feel less eager and more full more.


What results can I expect?

The vertical sleeve gastrectomy method expels an expected 85 percent of your stomach. Your new, sleeve-like stomach can hold around 2 to 5 oz. Of nourishment. Taking after surgery, your doctor will request that you take after an exceptional eating routine that permits the stomach to recuperate.

A couple of weeks after the fact, you’ll take after an eating routine that spotlights on eating little measures of solid nourishments. Your doctor may prescribe taking vitamin supplements to guarantee you get the supplements you require. You’ll likely get thinner through the span of two to three years.