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Bariatric Surgeon in Delhi Serves Long-Term Management of Severe or Morbid Obesity

SAKSHAM SURGICARE Bariatric Surgery Program caters patient’s surgical treatment, health amelioration and long-term management of severe or morbid obesity, which has become a serious worry in India and the world over as well.

Bariatric surgery in Delhi

Bariatric surgery, also referred to as weight-loss surgery, is a long-term service for people bearing the burden of obesity and its related disorders. Contrary to what most assume, the aim of bariatric surgery is not the reduction of weight — this is a terrific secondary effect. The primary purpose of weight-loss surgery is to ameliorate or eliminate the disorders associated with obesity, which can involve high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type-2 diabetes, and sleep apnea.


Bariatric Surgeon in Delhi through bariatric surgery changes the patient’s digestive system and aid him or her reduce weight by limiting food intake or abridging the absorption of nutrients, or both. Bariatric surgery is surgery for weight reduction, suggested to patients when diet and exercise have not worked, or when the patient has serious health problems due to being overweight. It aids abridges the jeopardy of weight associated with health issues such as GERD, heart disease, high blood pressure, severe sleep apnea, type-2 diabetes, and stroke.

At SAKSHAM SURGICARE, bariatric surgery for weight reduction is carried out by a multidisciplinary Bariatric Surgeon in Delhi, which continues to help the patient even after the surgery.

Every patient is assessed and counseled, in depth about the advantages, shortfalls and actual weight reduction. They also experience a simulation of the entire procedure through a ‘medical walk-through’ to assure that they are prepared for both surgery and life after it.

When medically supervised weight reduction plans fail, Bariatric Surgery in Delhi provides a final chance at enjoying better health and a longer life. Successful obesity surgery in Delhi for weight reduction includes a serious commitment to a healthy diet and regular work out. Recognizing the serious health jeopardy related with obesity motivates many patients to make this commitment.

There are numerous types of weight reduction surgeries. Some bariatric surgeries limit the amount of food an individual can eat, whereas other treatments alter the way food is digested. Each procedure is effective for different individuals.


Visit Dr. Mohit Jain for Piles Treatment in Delhi

Piles or hemorrhoids are caused due to increased pressure in the anus resulting in swelling of veins in the rectal area. It is accompanied by itching and burning sensations. It is common problem in all age groups, men and women and especially in pregnant women. It is essential to treat hemorrhoids at an early stage to avoid discomfort. There is wide variety of treatment procedures available for this problem.


Getting rid of piles problem is not a difficult task; it can be cured by natural remedies and by several surgical treatments.

Diet Modification –

This problem can be cured by taking fibrous food. Increase in Vitamin E intake also helps in improving the bowel movements. Change in diet and drinking enough water can help minimizing the problem of constipation which in turn reduces the problem of piles.

Medicated Creams & Pads –

Another way to get rid of this problem is to visit a specialist. He/she will provide you the best piles treatment. Usually doctors suggest ointments and pads that are most popular option of treatment.

Medicated ointments and creams reduce itching and pain and help in constricting the hemorrhoids and thus shrinking the root cause tissues. Medicated pads help in the same way, it is usually advised to use both for better and faster results.

Sitting Downtime –

Long sitting time is also a key reason behind this problem. Try to reduce the sitting down time which lessens the pressure on rectal area thus minimizing the chances of piles occurrence.

Ice Therapy –

Ice therapy is very helpful to get purge of burning sensations and inflammations. This procedure numbs the pain in the area, decrease swelling and provide impermanent yet instant results.

Infrared Congealing –

This procedure is carried out with the use of infrared light. Infrared rays are directed on the affected area resulting in cutting off the blood supply and hemorrhoids shrinkage.  This is a non-invasive process and less painful.

Procedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoids

PPH operation is effective surgical elimination of piles with the additional benefits of being associated with; decreased post-operative pain, a quicker retrieval time, shorter hospital stay, fewer complications and increased number of satisfied patients.

It is important to choose the procedure that is right for your problem. Go for the piles treatment in Delhi to get rid of the problem completely.