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Return to Normal Activity after Hernia Surgery in Delhi

The very first symptom of a hernia is often a gibbosity or clod in the groin or umbilical region followed by pain and discomfort which can limit activity.

Most hernias are abridgeable, which means the gibbosity can be pushed back into the abdominal cavity especially when lying down.

hernia surgery in Delhi

Risk occurs if a hernia will not abridge and cause severe pain. This may mean that a hernia is throttled, cutting off the blood supply to the intestine involved. This condition is treated as an emergency as it can become life threatening. This is why professionals advocate hernia repair as soon as possible, to avoid this potentially dangerous condition.

Anybody can be fetched by a hernia, regardless of sex or age. A hernia cannot heal itself, except sometimes in babies with umbilical hernias; neither can it be aided with medication. A truss is a poor and inconvenient method of dealing with a hernia and can cause trouble with more scar tissue.

Therefore the only effective and successful way of returning to full activity is by Hernia Surgery in Delhi.

The Saksham Surgicare serves a comprehensive service from diagnosis to surgery for patients who are going through hernia symptoms. Depending on each patient’s individual requirements they will have approaches to the services of a Consultant Surgeon expertise in hernia repair surgery, assisted by nursing staff dedicated to service focused and personalized attention and the wide range of possible standards of care. The service profits from the specialized and experienced Consultant Surgeons who are committed to using the advanced techniques involving laparoscopic (key-hole) surgery and conventional (open) surgery.


The first step is to get a referral to the Saksham Surgicare from your General Practice. This allows your consultant to gain as much insight into your medical history as possible.

During your initial consultation, a typical medical history will be taken. You will go through a thorough clinical examination and your doctor will discuss options in Hernia Surgery in Delhi.

For details on how to make an appointment with Consultant General & Laparoscopic Surgeon in Delhi, Dr. Mohit Jain or if you have any further questions about the Saksham Surgicare please contact our clinic Services Advisors.